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Guys Speed Dating Tips.

For those who have met me personally or have spoken to me on the phone, you will know that I am very passionate about my speed dating. I have spoken to many guys on the phone giving them inside tips and any other advice. We also run "Information/Tips Seminars" aswell.

Most of the guys who come to our events are good, genuine, sincere, easy going guys who are maybe a bit quiet or reserved. Unfortunately these days, dating is bit of a game and girls are complex creatures. Why is it that at least 60% of the members in our database are girls, yet it is up to us to do all the chasing. Very rarely does a girl ever ring a guy after receiving their matches after an event, its up to us to make contact. You have no doubt heard the saying? "Nice guys finish last." Guys its time to toughen up...

You may not like everything I have to say, but these are the cold hard truths not only from myself but from loyal customers who have been before. I want you guys to enjoy and have a successful speed dating session. Alright listen up...

Girls are turned off by guys who are too quiet, passive, timid or lack confidence. Girls are attracted to confident, take charge guys. Make your life sound action packed, that you are a "go-getter". Do not appear too eager or desperate. DO NOT TALK ABOUT EX PARTNERS or tell them you are looking for a wife. Girls like bit of "bad boy" or a guy with a bit of mystery and excitement. Girls like a funny guy who can make them laugh but can also hold a good conversation. Be positive, don't be negative in conversation "I don't like..." "yeh I'm going ok, not too bad."

About 20-35% of guys at a speed dating event have been before and guess what? These guys will do better than the guys that have never been before. They have got the experience. They know what goes on, what to do or say or more importantly what NOT to do or say. They are less nervous and more confident.

The good looking guys get all the girls....WRONG - How many times have I seen it, one of the least attractive guys in the room get the most "ticks" from the girls. Guess what he had? Confidence, out-going with a firm hand shake and a big smile. After running so many events all around the country, if I were to shut my eyes and only talk and shake hands with the guys when they enter the meet and greet to get their name tag, I bet I could pick the guy(s) who would do the best just from that and not even go by their looks. Why is that? Although guys pick mainly with their eyes, girls generally put importance of looks way down on their list, way below CONFIDENCE. Anyway guys I don't care how much personality or charisma you have, you wont get anywhere rocking up messy in thongs and a singlet which leads us to DRESS...

Dress to impress is what I say. Girls spend hours getting ready with their hair and makeup. Every event I've ever hosted the girls always come better presented than the guys. Dress up!!! If you can wear a suit or a nice shirt and a pair of pants, DO IT. T-shirt, shorts, thongs/sandals are not recommended. Make sure your hair is combed or neat, hint of aftershave and clean shaven. Little things girls look for; clean and tidy fingernails and clean/new shoes. Chewing your fingernails down to the stubs is a big turn off for girls. Girls who attend speed dating generally don't go for gotees/ beards, tattoos or piercings. Don't risk it guys, get rid of them or cover them up for one night please.

The biggest mistake I see is guys ringing their matches as soon as they get them. The girls are usually abit shocked and taken back as they didn't expect anyone to ring so soon and haven't even looked at their matches. This is sometimes how a conversation goes...
Guy pops the big question "So you want to catch up some time?"
Girl replies "Yes, I am a bit busy can I get back to you?."
Now, being the easy going guys that we all are answer "Yeh sure that's fine, I am free whenever..."
Now what is this girl thinking? "This guy hasn't got much going for him, catch up whenever, hasn't he got a life..."
GUYS TOUGHEN UP AND TAKE CHARGE. Make it sound as though you are not desperate, that your life is full of action and you live a busy schedule. "I am busy this day, this day, oh and busy on the weekend. I can catch up either eg. Tuesday or Thursday night what night is good for you?"
Now you are taking charge, but also giving them a day to pick. "Geez this guy lives an exciting life he must have something going for him" is what the girl will be thinking.
Play it cool, don't act too eager or desperate. Ring them a few days later or on a Monday or Tuesday after the weekend (your matches would have come Thurs or Fri depending on your speed dating night).

What do you do for fun ? Where do you live? What do you do for a living ? BORING, BORING, BORING !!! Most of the other guys will ask those questions. What is going to separate you from the other 14 guys who all asked those same questions? Think of something different to ask them, don't make it too out there. Girls love travelling, animals, fashion, music, movies. Get them talking about any of these, listen and be attentive. Don't talk too much about yourself or boast about your car/job/money. MAKE SURE TO MAKE THEM LAUGH at least once, preferably more. You may want to check out our list of Ice Breakers for a few ideas.

The whole dating "game" and girls not wanting to appear desperate. You may hear the good old excuse "I'm just here because a friend of mine dragged me along". Well thats funny because your friend said exactly the same thing, who dragged who then? Would you pay $45 just to keep a friend company for a couple of hours? "I'm here for a night out or a laugh....." We very rarely receive a scorecard that has does not have at least one or two ticks on it.....Like I said, not wanting to appear desperate. DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR!

Tick a girl for a friendship rather than a date. That gives you more flexibility and doesn't scare her. If she is interested in you, she will be actually trying to impress you knowing that you ticked her as a friend only. If you ticked her as a date, it is more obligatory and she knows she doesn't have to try too hard, as you have already indicated you are interested in her as a date.

Be careful what you say, think of a different angle to the obvious. Rather than asking "Do you have kids?" Take a different angle, perhaps a question that may prompt her into mentioning that she has kids.

Guys, I wish you all the very best of luck with your Speed Dating Australia© experience.

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